Our Work

Scholarships are provided to recipients who attend various programs in Central Florida. Learn more about these programs.

P3 Workshops

In a P3 weekend, you’ll be led on a path of self-discovery, one in which you’ll learn how to overcome self-defeating patterns, and move through sadness, grief and anger in a healthful way, to make room for more joy, more confidence, and more abundance in your life.

Camp Lionheart

Camp Lionheart is a transformational, overnight camp providing life and relationship skills to teens (ages 13-18). During this 7-day program, campers will learn conflict resolution tools, emotional literacy, team-building strategies, and mental health hygiene that will last a lifetime.

Under the professional supervision and guidance of trained instructors and staff, Camp Lionheart combines the traditional summer camp experiences with personal growth techniques to improve self-confidence, bolster leadership skills, and promote healthy peer interactions. When campers aren’t busy canoeing down rivers, climbing rocks walls, and overcoming team-challenges they’ll be practicing the psychology of courage, learning methods of emotional health and strength, and creating maps to overcome anxiety, depression, and shame.