Orlando P3: Personal Power and Prosperity


In a P3 weekend, you'll be led on a path of self-discovery, one in which you'll learn how to overcome self-defeating patterns, and move through sadness, grief and anger in a healthful way, to make room for more joy, more confidence, and more abundance in your life.

Betsy J.

"As a result of P3, I am grounded in my worth that allows me to be fully  me in all circumstances. Through experiencing the loving P3 community, I  accept myself and others as the glorious messes that we are and can  experience joy regardless of the situation."

Alan S.

 P3... An ever-growing community of unconditional acceptance, love and  support to all; delivering a great set of new life tools in the safest  house of healing. 

Dan C.

 Taking a P3 workshop was, without question or exaggeration, the best decision I have ever made in my life. 

Renee M.

P3 Orlando has literally saved countless lives, including mine. If you are ever feeling lost or you find yourself at a crossroads, the doors to P3 are always open to help guide your way back to loving and living your best life. 

Michael H.

 Attending the P3 workshop has been by far the best decision I have ever made! I found a safe, loving, healing place where I could feel free to be vulnerable without judgement. P3 is a place where you can connect soul to soul with others without personal agendas getting in the way. I cannot recommend this workshop enough! 

Kelley M.

 This workshop healed the connection that I had lost to myself and taught me that connection to others through vulnerability is the most healing gift we can give ourselves.  

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Everyone deserves a life-changing weekend like P3, but not everyone has the means necessary to make it happen. Your donation will directly benefit a scholarship to P3. 

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