Our Board of Directors

Vicki Jensen, President


Vicki Jensen has touched many lives during her 30-year career as a K-12  teacher and administrator. Expanding upon her teaching degree with  master’s degrees in both business administration and educational  leadership, she has been able to guide and influence others to find and  achieve their educational goals. Now in retirement, she is able to  devote even more of her time and energy to her fulfilling her lifelong  intention of reaching out and helping others through her involvement  with the Love Your Life Foundation. 

Dan Chancellor, Secretary

Dan Chancellor, Secretary, Love Your Life Foundation

Dan Chancellor has a passion for personal growth and a strong commitment to helping others. He has experience teaching, was President of a Parent Teacher Association, has organized fundraising for schools and private corporations, and loves to spread joy and encourage creativity. He has regular couples therapy sessions with his wife of 13 years, and he is thrilled to have the chance to impact so many lives through his involvement with the Love Your Life Foundation

Julie Allen, Treasurer



Julie Allen realized as she got older that her passion has always been around the well-being of special needs children. She went back to school and obtained her BA in Elementary Education with a minor in ESE. She now teaches Kindergarten/1st grade self-contained children. Through teaching, Julie has learned patience and caring on a whole different level. Dealing with parents that have children with significant cognitive disabilities has given Julie a greater passion for wanting to help others. With her involvement with Love your Life Foundation, Julie’s hope is to have to chance the impact lives that she would not be able to otherwise.